Top 5 Reason for Why Phone Hangs?

Why my phone hangs so often?”, this is the lament of millions of people everywhere in the world. Gone are the days of simple cell phones like the well-known Nokia 1100. Nowadays, cellular phones have grow to be smartphones. These gadgets run on complex software (like Android, iOS, Windows etc.) which require much better hardware capability. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of apps are out there which vary in overall performance, great and aid utilization. Phone striking refers back to the state whilst a cell smartphone will stop responding to the commands of user. It is also called smartphone crash and is characterized by way of display freeze. When hung, no matter what you do, your smartphone will refuse to do anything.

In this article we will find out about the reasons at the back of cellphone grasp and feasible solutions of this omnipresent problem. Occasional smartphone putting ought to no longer be a purpose of worry, but if it happens often, then you ought to strive the recommendations given below.

Reasons and answers of the mobile phone dangle problem.
Reasons and solutions of the mobile smartphone hang problem.

  1. Reduce the Number of Concurrent Apps to Stop Phone Hang
    Each cell phone comes has a limited amount of resources like memory (RAM) and processing power. If you overburden the smartphone past the capacity of those assets, the smartphone can also hang. So, you should attempt to decrease the wide variety of concurrently walking apps. There are a number of apps that run inside the background. You can loose the clogged memory through preventing the apps that you don’t need at present.

To see the list of currently running apps, go to Settings > Apps > Running App.

  1. Keep All the Apps Updated
    Keep travelling the app stores like Google Play (if you have Android smartphone) and iTunes App Store (if you’ve an iPhone). Mobile app builders maintain on enhancing overall performance in their apps. Therefore it’s far enormously recommended which you frequently replace all of the apps as and while a better model is available. Latest variations of apps may be designed to use lesser reminiscence and CPU power.
  2. Shut Down Your Mobile Phone
    Shutting down your telephone each as soon as in a while is a superb idea because it will absolutely refresh the reminiscence of cellphone. When you will restart your smartphone, its memory could be free of all the unnecessary pieces of records that were lingering on and occupying the memory space.
  3. Switch off and Remove Battery
    This tip may not have any big effect at all in maximum cases. But it’s also a good idea to remove battery and SIM card after every few months. Removing battery and SIM will clean the dust from the electric touch points.

It is first-class to get rid of cell battery as soon as in a while. It do away with the dust at contact points. It might also assist in solving telephone dangle problem.
It is excellent to take away cell battery as soon as in a while. It do away with the dirt at contact points. It may help in solving phone dangle problem.

  1. Install Apps in External Memory (SD Card)
    Most of the cellular smartphone customers set up all varieties of apps in their phones and that’s Why Phone Hangs most often. When putting in the apps, they don’t pay much interest to where the app is going to be established and what impact it may have on the overall performance of the phone. In maximum cases, through default, the apps get mounted within the inner reminiscence of the smartphone. This leaves lesser space for the walking the apps and that in turn causes clogged reminiscence. If your phone hangs, it’s miles recommended to put in apps within the outside reminiscence (i.E. SD Card) of the cellphone. Usually the outside memory is greater than the inner reminiscence. And outside reminiscence also can be easily extended if required (rather than 2 GB card, simply insert an 8 GB card!). Therefore, in outside memory extra apps may be without difficulty set up with out clogging the internal reminiscence of the phone. This will save your phone from putting.

For this you can set the default write disk. Go to Settings > Storage > Default write disk > Select SD Card. Please observe that this putting is available in slightly different region in different mobile handsets. So, you can ought to do a chunk of appearance around.

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