How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?

Are you also having this question in your Mind “How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?”

Yes, I know this is for what a man works everybody wants to make money, is there any body who don’t want to make money ? No, Right Guys.

So, Let’s get started with our question “How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?”

Points To Know Before Monetizing Your Blog

  • You must Own a website
  • You must Know about that niche
  • Publish Quality Content
  • Must have some Traffic

1. You must Own a website

So, guys if you want to earn money online from a blog than first of all you will have to create a Blog or a website to monetize it and start earning from it.

How to create a website? Read this article below 👇

After owning a blog or website we will move to the next step

2.You must Know about that niche

So, when you are creating a blog about a perticular topic (niche) that time you must take care of it that you choose your topic ( niche ) wisely, You must have knowledge about the topic you are choosing and going to create blog on it.

If you have knowledge of that niche, than you will be able to provide quality Content to the users, and that will rank you higher on the google.

thus, before creating a blog make sure that you know enough about that niche on which you are creating your blog, and you can provide quality to the users in your content.

3. Publish Quality Content

As, You have created your blog and started working on it, keep the quality of content in your mind first.

Always Remember that “Content Is King”

Let me tell you this first, it might be bitter for you but that’s the only truth of this industry, If you can’t provide quality in your content that you are never gonna make money through it.

If you are thinking this that you will be paid for anything without quality in it, than you are wrong and you are just wasting your time, if you are just here thinking of making money.

If you really want to make money, than you will have to be genuine and you have to provide quality Content, if your writing is bad than you will have to work on it and improve it, you will have to develop those skills in yourself which is gonna make money for you.

So, choose wisely you niche according to you knowledge and your interest, make sure you can publish 40 articles of 1000 words atleast in next 4 months on the niche you are choosing that would be my persnol suggestion to you guys.

4. Must have some Traffic

After completing all the steps above, this is the last step you have to work on to earn money online with your blog.

Yaa, you have to get some traffic on your website to generate revenue through your blog, if you don’t have traffic on your blog than how will you be able to generate revenue through ads ? Right that’s not possible, so the last thing you have to work on is your traffic.

How to increase Website traffic?

Read out this post below :-

As traffic starts appearing on you blog, you will be able to generate revenue through your blog, as you will rank high you will get more organic traffic and you will generate more and more revenue.

But how you will rank higher on Google?

Only because of your Content, if you will provide quality in your Content user will surely like it and Google will rank it higher on Google because it contains quality but if you don’t provide quality? Than what ? You also know what will happen, You will never be able to rank.

So always remember that “Content Is King”

Now let’s get back to our question “How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?

Monetize Your Blog

# There are many ways to monetize a website but we are talking here about informative blogs.

So to monetize your blog there are several methods like:- running ads and affiliate marketing.

Ads:- for displaying ads on your blog and generating revenue from it, you can use different platforms and ad companies such as AdSense and Pop ads.

List of Ads Company

  • AdSense
  • Propeller Ads
  • Adsterra
  • Adbuff
  • Bidvertiser
  • PopAds
  • Revenue Hits

This is the list of Top Ads companies you can go for to monetize your blog through their ad services on your blog.

Choose anyone which you found better and suitable for you, I will persnolly suggest you to go for AdSense if you can, for me it’s better than others in many aspects but as i told you before choose any one which is suitable to you.

Affiliate:- This is the second method you can use to earn a lot of money through your blog.

What is affiliate?

In this you can sell products and services to the user who visit you blog and by selling those products you will get commission on selling each product that is your “affiliate commission”.

And by this you can make a lot of money and this is one of the best and proven way to earn money only with your website or blog.

Which kind of product to Sell ?

You can sell products of Amazon like anything you write on as an review or whatelse like:- you can sell phones, electronic accessories, books , home accessories etc.

You can sell anything on which you get commission, on which your niche is and your article is about, so Target your audience and products that will help you to generate more conversations.

For Amazon You can use Amazon associates to creat your affiliate account and sell products, instead of Amazon you can also choose any other company products as you like and can generate affiliate commission through selling their products.

I hope in this article you have got answer of your question “How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?” And you got value in it, share this article social media to help others also.

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