20 Strategies To Increase Instant Website Traffic FAST


Instant Website Traffic

Do You Want Intant Website Traffic On Your Blog?

Not getting traffic from google?

Don’t worry! I’m here to help you out.

Are you obsessed of thinking that you can’t get traffic from google anymore?

No, You are wrong. actually you can get thousands of organic visitors by only reading this article and implementing all theose points I’m going to tell you in this article.

Hello future bloggers, In this post I’m gonna tell you 20 ways to increase organic traffic from Google, and By reading this, you guys will get a lot of traffic on your blog.

While I was a begginer, I also used these proven Tricks and methods to increase my traffic.

Many of you are not getting traffic, but after reading this article surely you will get Instant Website Traffic On Your Blog.

In this post, the techniques I am going to share with you are both Free & Paid.

Can we get Instant Website Traffic from google without SEO?

Yes! You can get bunch of traffic from Google without touching SEO or by running ads on a different platform and by doing branding and guest posts on another website to increase your website Traffic and Rankings.

Many Pro bloggers like Neil Patel do personal branding through advertisements on different-different platforms to drive a lot of traffic on his website.

How Can We Get Traffic Organically?

Getting Traffic Organically From Google Is Not A Simple Thing,

You Have To Do Many Things To Get The Traffic Organically From Google, Bing, And Many other Search Engines.

But, If you follow the proven techniques or methods which I’m going to tell you in this article, than you can Instantly grow your organic traffic from Google.

How To Get Traffic From Social Media?

Getting traffic from social media is an easy way, you can get millions of traffic using different social media platforms and also increases your followers on any social platform.

After reading this article, You will know many techniques about how you can promote your content on social media and how to increase Instant website traffic.

How To Get Traffic From Google?

You can get Traffic from Google by doing on-page and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your blog,

If you are a begginer, Than firstly You Have to Build Trust On Google, and by doing this, you will easily start ranking on google.

Generating traffic on the website is not very difficult but not even that simple; you can increase your website traffic Instantly by following these extra ordinary techniques.

Website traffic is not growing instantly because the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time.

So let’s get right into it,

1) Use Catchy Blog Post Title

Catchy Headlines are the way you can get more visitors,

Your Blog post tittle is the first thing that a visitor saw before clicking on your article so it’s a kind of First impression and as we all know first impression is the last impression too, thus they attract the visitor to click on your blog and read your article.

Attractive title of your article increases the CTR (Click through Rate) and also helps to rank your blog fastly top on google, many smart blogger and influencer use this technique to drive thousands of visitors in an hour.

Why We Can’t Make Simple Headlines?

Because in today’s world, Nobody likes dull and boring headlines, ask to yourself will you read a article with a not interesting or Boring Headline? Your answer will be a Big “NO“, right guys.

They want something attractive, which actually works for them.

Catchy Headlines are crucial for getting social shares,

No one clicks on your link on social media if you don’t have catchy and impressive headlines that impressed the user and the Headlines which doesn’t says about the content in the article.

So, To drive more users you will need have a Catchy and impressive Headline, and the headline should tell the meaning, the overview of content they are going to get in that article.

Tips For Writing Catchy And Great Headlines

Add Numbers – Adding numbers is the best technique to get visitor because people like the post which contain numbers like – “1o best best android Mobiles to Buy in 2020” this type of article is called list article and visitor are curious to read these kind of articles because they get much knowledge through it.

SEO Optimized Articles – In a Article must include your focus keywords, so they help the google to find out which keywords you are targeting, and this tip is a must for you to rank on Google.

Make Your Title Understandable – Make your title like people can know that what value you are providing to them in your article, if they don’t understand your title, than they are definitely not going to visit your blog and spend time on it, all is your Title should give a clear massage of your content to the users.

Make It Awesome – Make your title impressive means that if the viewer sees your title the first time on Search Engine, So they become curious to see what’s inside your post, and this helps you to maintain your bounce rates.

Add Interesting Words – Adding some keywords which attract users and helps you to get more traffic.

These are the tips that you use to get better CTR (Click Through Rate) and traffic from Google.

2) Do On-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO ?

On-Page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) refers to the practice of optimizing Web pages to improve a website’s search engine ranking and help to improve organic traffic.

By seeing this picture, you got some idea about On-Page SEO,

But let’s discuss this in brief, so you got some information about it.

On-Page SEO is a beneficial way which helps you to increase your website rank easily,

In On-Page SEO, there are many factors that you can use and rank your website easily on Google no.1 page.

According to backlinks, we can rank our website by only doing on-Page Optimization.

INSTANT Website Traffic

What Are The Factors Which Helps To Rank On Google?

There are many factors which help you to boost your rank.

 I Want to share some essential factors of On-Page SEO so you will get some guidance on how you can optimize your post.

Let Start,

 Optimize Your Title Tag -Optimizing the title helps you to improve your optimization. If you use your keywords as main heading tags, than it Will help the google crawler to find your main keywords.

 Incredibly Amazing Meta Description – Add the meta description, which helps users to understand what kind of content is in your post.

 Make High-Quality Post -Make Quality Post and try to give knowledge to your visitors and convert them into your audience, And always remember that “Content Is King”.

 Make Your Website Faster Then Rocket – Speed is one of the most important factors of On-Page SEO because if the user comes to your site and your website speed is low, So the user comes back on google, and this increases your bounce back rate and decreases your Google Ranking thus, today speed is the biggest factor to rank on top of the google.

How Can I Boost My Website Speed?

You can boost your website speed by going with a best hosting like:- Hostinger and Bluehost, but I recommend you to go with Hostinger Web Hosting because it has feature of turbo boost, which helps you increase website speed and Hostinger is best company of all Right now in terms of everything best services to best prices, thus I will recommend you to go with Hostinger and for begginers it’s the ultimate solution from me of Money.



Next Point is, Use rich snippets in your article to rank higher on Google.

How To Create Rich Snippets?

You can optimize your snippets by adding valuable information in snippets.

And, If you optimized your snippets than google crawler can easily fetch your data and increase your ranking.

You Can Add This Types Of Data Which Helps Google To Understand – 

  1. Add rating on snippets
  2. Add a review on snippets
  3. Make an understandable and catchy meta description so the user will defiantly click on your blog or website and buy anything.
  4. Add reviewer name on snippets, so user and, Google understands that you review this.

3. Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the best ways which you can use to increase your ranking,Off-Page is the same and, Best SEO factor-like On-Page, which helps you to increase your rankings on Google.

Let’s Start And Discuss The Factor Of Off-Page SEO,

There are many factors of Off-Page SEO but in this, 

I will discuss some most important SEO factors which helps you to boost your rankings,

1. Link Building -Link Building is very important to rank on Google, but you have to only focus on building a high-quality link that helps you to rank.

2. Blog Promotion – Blog Promotion is the way where you can promote and get traffic from different websites like Quora and Reddit.

3. Persnol Branding – In This, you have to brand yourself not the blog,

If are branding yourself, it helps you to build trust towards the people.

Tips To Branding Yourself

  • Understand your audience
  • Help everyone to build trust
  • Tell the truth to everyone

4) Optimize Blog Images

Optimizing images is important because it helps to get traffic from Google Images,

Many newbie bloggers make this mistake and don’t optimize their image, that’s why they lose traffic from Google Images.

So follow these steps to optimize your images – 

  • Use a plugin like Resmush.it
  • Always compress your image before uploading the image on your blog.
  • use WP Rocket to increase speed

5) Use Good Theme

A good theme always helps you to increase website traffic because if your site is not looking good than how people can trust you and buy Product from you,

In The Past Few Weeks, I only focused on designing and making my blog Look Pretty Amazing.

Currently, I am using DI Bussiness Theme which is the lightweight and fastest theme for making an authority blog, that’s a paid one but you can go with a free one but the best one.

6) Focus On Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are always beneficial for ranking On Google,

Many Blogger And Pro Affiliate marketers recommend to focus on long-tail keywords because it helps newbie bloggers to get traffic.

If you are a newbie, then I recommend you to focus on long-tail keywords and if you are a Affiliate Marketer so this will much help you to increase your earning.

7) Write Long Articles

Writing content is easy, but to solve a user problem with your content is called Quality Content.

Many Bloggers don’t focus on writing good quality content and that’s the reason they fail, but I will suggest you to write high quality and problem-solving content.

Make your content long because, according to a surway, Long Content gets more shares than another, so make sure to write An article atleast between 1000-2000 words, I personally write on an average 3000+ Words Article.

As you can see that Long Content get more shares but while Writing a Long article don’t lose the quality of the content because the quality of the article is more important then Length,

but I will recommend you to focus on both and to go with a proper ratio of both to get better results.

Making a detailed article always helps you to get more shares and sales.

Google loves detailed articles, so if you write more detailed article and provide quality in it, then there is a sure chance that you can rank your post without a single Backlink.

8) Use Best Plugin

Using plugins is not helps to increase the traffic directly, but it also helps indirectly to increase traffic, How ?

Do you know that?

Using premium plugins helps you to increase website speed, and Google confirmed that Speed is the crucial ranking factor in SEO.

Go with the best plugins, and if possible than buy paid premium plugins like:- Thrive Architect, WP Rocket etc.

9) Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement is on of the best way where you can drive more sales, even traffic to your website or blog. 

Many bloggers use these ways to get a lot of traffic, and you can use these ways to increase your website traffic. 

Believe Me!

If you do Proper Optimization of ads, then you can easily generate decent amount of money from your website.

10) Start A Youtube Channel

We are in the golden phase of the internet,

And we can make money online and increase website traffic through Starting a Youtube Channel

You all already know that how you can start a youtube channel, but you know how to drive traffic from YouTube to your Blog?

Then, there is a way you can increase your site traffic by uploading youtube videos.

Yay it really works,

Youtube is the best platform for sharing your video, and you can take advantage of this by creating some informative videos,

Many bloggers like Neil Patel, are uploading youtube videos and driving a lot of traffic to their website and generating sells.

Do You Know?

That Neil Patel is making videos for his Personal Branding, and you know that branding is the New SEO,

If you are popular, then Google ranks you higher then your competitors.

Let’s discuss How We Can Drive Traffic Through Youtube Channel?

There are some ways which help you:-

  1. Make a video on any topic and add a link to your website in the description.
  2. Make a video that is relevant to your blog, which helps you to do branding.
  3. Add affiliate links to make some money from there.

11) Do Guest Post

Guest Post = Backlinks + Traffic

Guest Post is the way which helps you to get backlinks from different websites and to get some traffic, it also helps in increasing your Domain Authority (DA) which plays a major role in Google Rankings.

Many bloggers do a guest post to get traffic on their blog and to create backlink, and many times guest posting helps to build branding of your blog.

If you are doing a guest post on the website so this helps you take a lot of backlink and links always helps you to get rank better.

12) Do Podcast

The podcast is trending on the internet now days; many bloggers do a podcast and receive a ton of traffic from the only podcast.

Neil Patel got a lot of traffic from only doing a podcast on Marketing School.

How can we do a Podcast?

You can do a podcast by using a plugin that helps you to a podcast.

How can we drive traffic through a podcast?

  1. Use social media.
  2. Use story advantage.

13) Use SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) does not only help you to get traffic, but this is an important SEO ranking factor,

Google officially tells that trust is the No.1 factor, and by using SSL certificate, we make a trustworthy website for Google.

Many bloggers don’t use it, that’s why they don’t rank easily and don’t get enough traffic.

SSL is a paid service but I will show you how to get it for free, yes you are hearing right for Free!!

You Can Go To SSL FOR FREE website and set up for your own website with the link below:-


14) Use Quora

Quora is a website where you can directly promote your website and get traffic by helping others by giving answers of their questions on Quora.

Quora is the No.1 Platform for sharing your knowledge and get traffic or even sales.

Many Bloggers make money through Quora,


On Quora Bloggers are mainly giving answers and add some link of their Affiliate and make money from Quora, and link of their blog to drive traffic from Quora.

Bloggers like Neil Patel are getting massive traffic from Quora,

Neil Patel shared his report where he revealed that they got high traffic through Quora.

You can also generate traffic from Quora by just helping other bloggers with your article.

Tips to increase Instant Website traffic from Quora

  1. Add value in your answer.
  2. Not add links in all answers.
  3. Make sure your answer is easy to understand.
  4. You can add them to your funnel or email list by proving free value.

15) Share Your Link On All Platform 

First of all, Sharing is Caring [ Share this article now]

You have to share your article on every social media to get traffic from social media. 

You can join many Facebook groups and share them, so you get amazing traffic from social media.

Believe It,

If you don’t share your article on social media, so you are losing your traffic from there.

So, Must share your article there and get a lot of traffic from social media platforms.

16) Add Video In Post

You can add video in the post to maintain the bounce rate of your website and if you add video in the post so,

 users attract more and keep visiting your site again and again.

That’s a superior way to get your bounce rate to minimum, And that’s a big factor Google never ranks up a website where visitors are not staying even a minute as Google confirms it as Low quality Content of Your website and your rankings get down.

17) Comment On Others Blog

Comment on others helps to make a good connection with other pro bloggers, and you can get comment backlink.

If anyone clicks on your profile, then he redirects to your website, which helps you to get instant website traffic.

That’s one of the best way to get Instant Website traffic and backlink.

18) Using Click to Tweet Links

I Know This is a very Simple Trick,

But Believe me,

 It Will Give Kick Start to your traffic. I implemented this same Strategy on my this Post and my site “Traffic Boost Up Like a Rocket.”

So, Must use click to tweet buttons in your post to get some boost.

19) Write Content Which Shares

Creating Quality content takes lot of efforts,

We only focus on make Quality content, but I recommend you to make the attractive and useful content that attracts the user to share on social media.

Believe It,

If you make such amazing kind of content that attracts shares, then your content must go viral on the internet only through social media.

20) Make Facebook Group 

This is the way which helps you to do your Persnol branding and increase your website traffic,

How can we drive traffic to our blog through Facebook Groups?

Yes, We can drive a ton of traffic through Facebook Groups,

Many Pro Bloggers have a Facebook group and their Facebook group they share interesting facts, SEO News, and stay connected with their users.

Even I have started my Facebook a while ago and growing it like a Jet, and with the help of my group, I share many new things and facts there.

You can also drive traffic through Facebook groups by just following these steps:-

  • Join other Facebook group and share your article there.
  • Make your own group and help people with your article.
  • Do blog promotion to stay connected with Facebook Groups.
  • Answer the questions in the group frequently and make your group Super Active.

After applying all these methods, you are able to drive traffic to your blog post.

Is all these Method are easy?

Yes, All methods in this post are easy, and I can guaranteed those 20 steps i told you above in detail will definitely drive traffic On your website.

So, Just stay positive, Keep working harder and smarter and follow all these steps and get your results

If you need any help Email me on :-

[email protected]

Blogging & SEO – FAQs:

Why increase website traffic?

Increasing website traffic helps you to generate more sales and build authority.

How to increase website traffic free?

Most of the method is in this post are free and u can use to generate traffic from them.

Can we increase website traffic without social media?

Yes, We can increase traffic without social media using SEO, it I would suggest you to use social media as it is a big factor for traffic.

How to increase Instant website traffic ?

By using this proven methods I told you above, You can easily increase Instant website traffic fast.

Can we increase Instant Website traffic using Quora?

Yes, you can easily increase your traffic using Quora.

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