Basically What Is A Blog And Blogging?

What is blog and blogging :- I’m writing this post for all those who wants to start a blog website and make it successful .

So , before starting we must know Basically that what is a blog ?

What Is A Blog ?

That is the first question before starting which needs to be answered:-

What Is A Blog :- A Blog is a website page , where you share your quality knowledge or information in a perticular field on what the blog is basically based on in the form of digital post on you website which you call a blog .

How may types of blog can be :-

Me , myself devide blog website into 3 types :-

  1. Informative Or Knowledge Blog

In this you share your knowledge on a perticular neech ( field ) just like here I’m sharing mine , and another in a informative blog where you post ( share ) the Information of different fields , example :- News website , Job website etc. Just Like this one website of mine

2. Review And Affiliate Blog

In this kind of blog , people gives review of the products , state Information about the product and describe it’s performance and details of it , and with review they do affiliate of those products or they review according to their affiliate product and generate sells with it .

3. Service Blog Or Business Blog

In this kind of blog website a person sells his own services and products like online course , online services etc. And their persnolly designed products on their business blog to generate much greater sells .

That is what the word ‘ Blog ‘ means , I hope you understood the meaning of a blog with the information given above .

Now the Second question and that is – What is Blogging ?

The whole process that I explained you above to create and post quality contant on a blog website is called ‘blogging‘.

And a person who perform this all is called a ‘Blogger’ just like I’m .

I hope you understood that what is a blog and blogging ? ,Right

So , in my next post I will tell you how to create a basic blog for the begginer and how to earn from it .

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Thanks for giving that much helpful knowledge to us


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