I Bought A Domain Name Now What? 8 Amazing Things To do

I bought a domain name now what ? Have you purchased your first domain ? If yes , than first of all congratulations to you for your first step in the online world full of unbelievable things.

if you are confused about what to do next with your domain , once you have your own domain.

So, don’t worry about this question which arised in your mind , We are here to help you wipe of all your worries and doubts with our most informative article.

For those people who came up with the question, ”I bought a domain name now what ? ” Here is the simplest and most useful article on 10 things to utilize your domain name in the best way.

First of all my suggestion to all of you who are reading this article , Never be panic even if you are a begginer or fresher to this field ( niche ) and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge and experience of these kind of stuffes.

This article will give you a crystal clear exposure to all the technical functionalities and steps to do the best with your domain in your hands. 

First and foremost, let us check what a domain name really means ? Purchasing a domain will provide you with a unique IP address through which all the Internet network users can access your website with that unique IP address of yours.

By creating a professional email at your domain name, you have a high window to gain more credibility to your brand and business.  

Having your blog with your own domain name will be the best choice in all aspects.

It is the most perfect choices to have your career to be set under your control. In this article, We will see how a domain name can be utilised to enhance your career and give much greater opportunities to you.

NOTE – Benefits of reading this article

If you’ll read this article from start to end so you’ll get to know about:

  • You’ll get your answer that what you can do after purchasing a domain name?
  • If you read this article till the end then you’ll get many ways to use your existing domain name.
  • If you just purchase a domain and want to start your blog then this article helps you.
  • and many more

So must read this article till end..

Let’s get started with the answers of the hot question “I bought a domain name now what?

  1. Get Web Hosting For Your Domain Name
  2. Install a Premium and Revlant WordPress Theme For Your Website.
  3. Create Your Professional Email Adress
  4. Redirect Your Domain Name to a Social Media or E-commerce Website
  5. Creat a Standalone Landing Page on Your website
  6. Creat a Personal Private Blog (PPB)
  7. Creating an Online Store with Your Domain Name
  8. Publishing Content on Your Website/Blog

1.Get Web Hosting For Your Domain Name

After purchasing a domain name, I want to ask you that you want to launch a website on that domain or not? 

If you answer will be “Yes! I purchased the domain only for creating a blog” then you need a web hosting to launch your blog, You can even creat a E-commerce Website on that domain , bussiness websites and other kind of websites. In this article I’m going to explain you about creating a ‘ Blog ‘ with your Domain name.

If you want to create another kind of website as I mentioned about therefore you must have a Hosting , and you can set it up as per your requirement and website type.

Now let’s get back to our topic :-

If you are new in this blogging industry then maybe you don’t know that which hosting you should use for creating your blog, Then let me recommend you the hosting which you can use to host your blog or any other kind of website.

I can recommend dozons of free web hosting to you but I already know that those hosting will not really worth it and make your site slow, So rather giving you the dozons of hosting list I will recommend you to go with Hostinger.

Why Hostinger ?

If you are looking for a web hosting which gives your website amazing loading speed with the least price plans? Than Hostinger will be the Best option for you guys above all the companies,

Because in Hostinger you will get Ultra Blazing speed , 99.9% gureented Up time and also 24×7 fastest live chat support team which will help you at anytime you need.

Hostinger is not only my first recommendation but it’s also the recommendation of many pro bloggers and even website builder program like WordPress also recommend “Hostinger”.

You can even check on Google for Top hosting of 2020 , you will see Hostinger in top Rankings , it’s the best hosting to purchase in all aspects and mostly it’s relaiable Prices .

Here’s how you can get started with Hostinger Hosting:

  1. Clink on this link to purchase Hosting from Hostinger,

Plans :-

By , clicking the link above, you will be redirected to this Hostinger website page where you will find all the Web Hosting plans of Hostinger, Over here you might be confused that which plan you should choose? So let me help you with that.

If you are a begginer and wants to Host only one Domain at this time than you can go with the cheapest plan Single Web Hosting , which will only cost you 45rs / per month.

Which is the cheapest hosting with best quality above any company , Hostinger is providing It’s Hosting plan in 90% less price as compared to any other company.

And for begginer who are just starting , entering in the industry , money is the biggest factor for all , that they can’t buy the hosting because that are very costly, so this is best for begginers to start in less investment to get the best out of it .

If you already have a domain which has lots of traffic then you can go with  Premium or Business Web hosting plan (According to your traffic).

My Recommendation :-

I would recommend to everyone , even begginer to go with atleast Premium plan , Because you will get to host Unlimited number of domains in that plan , so in future if you want to start more blog or website as you grow up you will not have to pay again for a new plan , you can add it up into that plan so that would be the best plan for everybody , and that plan will not cost you a lost as the pricing of plans are very cheap.

And one more best thing , if you don’t have a domain name you will get one for Free with Premium and business plan , or if you have you can get one more for further use .

2. Enter your domain name

Pick your free domain , and click on check out

3. Fill Your Account Information. after clicking check your , you will get this kind of interface , you can select the payment method from all this , whichever you like or prefer .

4. Enter The Necesaary Card Details . After filling NAME SECTION and PAN , click to continue , you will get the section where you have to fill all the details of Your bank account like :- account holder name , card no. , CVV , expiry date etc.

After filling Card details for purchasing hosting from Hostinger, Click continue to pay.

5. Confirm The Terms And Conditions

Confirm the Terms and condition section and fill the captha box for Human verification and proceed furthercaptha box

After that, you have to click on the check-out button. It will take a few minutes to the Hostinger to proceed with the details.

and that’s it you successfully purchased a hosting for your domain name,

Congratulation! and Now you are ready with both the web host and domain name, let us check on the next effective steps. 

Connect Your Domain With Hosting

If you have purchased your host and domain name from the Hostinger, then you can skip this part and the instructions below. 

But on the opposite side, if both are purchased from two different companies, then it is evitable to point your domain name to hosting server in order to connect with each other.

So you can easily install wordpress on that website/blog.

Now, let us see how to point your domain name to the hosting service providers. Here are the steps to connect your Godaddy domain to Hostinger service provider:

Step 1: To get started, log in to your GoDaddy account.

Step 2: Reach out to your domain manager section and click on the “Manage my domains” tab.

Step 3: Select the domain which you want to host or point to Hostinger. 

Step 4: Now, launch the Domain manager.

Step 5: Under the name servers tab, just click on Manage, and select the Name server type as custom.

Step 6: Now change your Name servers to point to Hostinger Name server by adding these two names each at a time: 



Step 7: The final step is to save it and now your domain name points to Hostinger hosting server.

Once it is done, it usually takes 15 minutes to 4 hours to reflect globally. 

I bought a domain name now what ?

After that choose WordPress as your Website builder , you can install wordpress on your domain by just going to your account and you’ll see the option to make wordpress on that.

Once you are set up with the wordpress, you can now login to your wordpress with your credentials and access WP dashboard to the next important step of launching your blog. 

2. Install a Premium and Revlant WordPress Theme For Your Website

As we all know, being a helpful open-source software, WordPress has tons of customised designs and themes available free of cost that can be picked up by most of the beginners. 

With so many free themes, you may wonder, why it is necessary to spend on a premium version? That’s a valid and reasonable question to ask! Before I give answer your question, first let us see what a “Premium WordPress theme” is?

A shortest explanation, it is a WordPress which can be accessed by spending on it.

A premium theme is designed specifically for web designers who are willing to boost their business by paying more for a better product.

Check out the reasons why choosing a premium WordPress is a quite necessary decision:

Quality Of WordPress Theme

If you want to stand out of the crowd and want to be unique among a lot, by going for a free theme, you are definitely sailing in a wrong boat.

Do you know why I am saying this? Because those same free themes will be used by the huge crowd of bloggers and web designers. Hence, setting up a unique identity and different theme is just near to impossible.

With the fast-changing web standards, the premium version of WordPress is seemed to be designed with the current and trending web standards in mind. Thus, there is no chance of going out of the trend or update. 

Any particular website or blog is said to be successful only when it is responsive , when it is accessed in any device. The premium themes are specially designed to be responsive to any device or any browser.

The quality and clarity of a premium theme and design can’t be compared with any free version.

24×7 Support

Choosing a premium WordPress is having unlimited access and constant customer support round the clock.

In a free version, no designer will be accessible all the time when you need support or query in the functions or customisation part.

But on the other side, all the premium designers have supreme support that is worth the cost that has been afforded. 

In any business, being swift and pro-active will be the most desirable and nacessary qualities. So, getting things sorted out without wasting any minute will be possible with the premium WordPress Theme .  


Keeping updated on a daily basis is a typical feature of a Premium WordPress theme where free themes do not have that advantage.

By choosing the free version, you will not be sure about when it will be updated but in the matter of Premium version, You can be confident that it will stand as a test of time. 

As an expert, I would like to recommend you to go with a Premium theme instead of a free one , you can choose according to your niche and which suits on your website.

3. Create Your Professional Email Address

Do you still wonder how proficient it would be to create a professional email address with your domain name? Let me explain you in detail,

A professional email address is nothing but the one which is created with your company name as your domain name instead of the general domain names like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail etc.

Creating an email address customised with your company name promotes your business and brings it to the next level.

For instance, If someone named Gerry tries to create his own email address in Gmail, He may create as [email protected] But, due to a high number of profiles in the same name, he will not be able to take up that email address,

This leads the person to add random numbers and symbols with his name which makes the address unique but quite complicated to remember such as [email protected]

This becomes very hectic sometimes, even the same person finds difficult to remember his own email address. 

In a way to avoid such these type of circumstances, When you have your own domain, you can personalize your email address professionally with your company name. For eg: 

This affords more credibility and flexibility to both the user and the visitors of the website. 

Let us discuss some of the appealing benefits of having a customised professional email address:

Brand Name

When you have your company name or the brand name in your email address, it is obviously reflected in the communications that have been sent to the customers.

This will highly influence the brand recognition and gains more trust among the customers.

For example, When you try to contact a person from a company or a service provider, Your eyes will first search for their professional email address or a personal or generic one as it is the fastest and reliable way to reach out to the concerned person. 

People prefer the most to communicate with the officials in the professional email address then the personal one. 

When you are providing your professional email address to someone, in a way you are promoting your brand name or your company name. This attracts more visitors and attains more awareness among the customers.


As we discussed earlier, A professional email address is very easy to create as you do not have to invest more of your time searching for the right username.

Keeping your professional email address ready, you are all set to start up your next step towards marketing. 


Just imagine, When you get an email from an address like [email protected] regarding an invitation for a workshop or job offer, Will you find it genuine and authentic?

Definitely no! It doesn’t seem to be professional,

At the same time, If you get the same mail from an address like [email protected], Undoubtedly you will check on the details of the company from where it is being mailed.

For any business communication, It is always mandatory to look more professional in all terms and aspects.

To have it in short, personalised and professional email id is given more importance and helps your business to be in a long run.

Creating a professional email address is as simple as setting up a website.

If you are a newbie to both the areas, then you will have to set up a hosting account in any of the hosting providers like Hostinger. These are rated to be the most user-friendly providers for any beginner. 

4. Redirecting Your Domain Name to a Social Media or E-commerce Website

Use 301 redirect to send traffic

With the fact that the number of social media users worldwide has reached 1.96 billion in 2016, and has grown to some 2.5 billion in 2018 and now it has touched around 3.48 billion by 2019, it will go so on in 2020 and it will continue to increase rapidly in the upcoming years.

It makes a perfect sense to gear up the social media power as a primary promotional strategy for your business. 

It is now becoming an easy job by redirecting your domain name to your official or business social media page. In this cyber-driven world, this simple plan of action will be a perfect kick-start in initiating your online presence. 

Web forwarding is just similar to that of forwarding an email, It is the mode of creating a medium that all the visitors of your domain name should be redirected to your web location as per your choice, 

Forwarding your domain name to your social media page or e-commerce page is a simple task to do. 

Here is the Step By Step procedures of the Web Forwarding:

Step 1: Login into your account ie., the account where your domain name is registered.

Step 2: Go to “My Products” and choose the domain name you would like to redirect and click on it.

Step 3: Now click on the option “DNS”

Step 4: Under this section, you will have a “Forwarding” field. In that part, You have to give the URL of the social media or your e-commerce site to which you would like to redirect your domain name.

Step 5: In the Forwarding setting option, you will have 2 options

  • Forwarding only: This will prevent your domain name URL from displaying in the address bar of the web browser to which it is redirected.
  • Forwarding with Masking: This option will keep the forwarded domain URL prevented from displaying in the web browser’s address bar. 

Step 6: After selecting your preferred option, Click on Save.

For an effective and prominent result, choose the right social media platform to promote your business. Keep it posted or updated on a daily or regular basis,

Once you have any blog or article related to your business, make sure to share it using social media. It can have better results when you are start tagging. 

5.Creat a Standalone Landing Page on Your website

I bought a domain name now what?

Want to know on what is a landing page?and how do you a landing page to convert visitors to potential leads? Here we go.

Let us first have a look at what a landing page is:

A landing page is the home page or the welcome page for your website which encourages the visitors to go forward with other pages of your website.

A recent study conducted by Hubspot states that there is an increase of 55% in sales by the marketers by increasing the landing page number on their site from 10-15. 

Thus, A landing page should be designed and developed with one’s business goals and future targets in mind. 

Now let us see what the main point in creating a landing page is and what makes them a most powerful and valuable marketing tool.

Direct Sales

A direct sale landing page can be a general product page or a free trial or offer page or and appointment booking page. The main purpose of a direct sale landing page will be to get raise in sales. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation page, in other words, called as the lead capture pages are created to gather the information about your visitors.

It is designed to get the information of the visitors like contact numbers, personal information, which can be later used to contact them.

Your lead generation pages should be designed in high enough propositions to increase the conversions.

To Build Relationship

In other words, Click-through landing pages is a more advanced marketing technique that boosts the visitors directly. This is a combination of both Lead generation page and a direct sale page.

The Click-through landing pages promote your leads once they have landed at your primary marketing page,

They enchant your customer’s interest towards your business directly on your site and allow them to gain more awareness before they are sent to the main landing page. 

How to Create a Standalone Landing Page?

Among a lot of software and tools available to create a standalone landing page, I would suggest you to use Thrive Architect as it is very simple to use even for a person who doesn’t have any knowledge in coding and i persnally use it in my work , so I will recommend it to you.

Let us see how easy to create a landing page with this tool.

Step 1: Just install this plugin in your wordpress blog and activate it,

Step 2: Then make a page and Click on the import template option.

Step 3: Now choose any template you want and personalize it as you wish.

6. Creating a Personal Private Blog

I bought a domain name now what?

When you do not have any interest in starting a online bussiness and still have the question “I bought a domain name now what?”, here is the exclusive idea to utilize it effectively.

There are countless spaces for everybody on the internet. People always love to share their ideas, thoughts, experiences, knowledge, information, which may sometimes reach to the global audience.

How to put yourself on this successful path? How about creating a personal blog? To resolve your Question “I bought a domain name now what ?”

The latest research concludes that almost 80% of the internet users read blogs, so your audience is already out there.

When you start writing a blog, you can add all the information which you think is necessary, and you can share your knowledge in a perticular niche with others.

Find some of the common elements in all the personal blogs:

  • Add some personal information about yourself and what you are, so that the readers will get a personal connection with you.
  • Add the links to your social media profiles or any other general contact information like an email address so that the visitors can get in touch with you.
  • For a highly-readable blog and for more engagement of visitors to your blog, make sure you choose the perfect blog post format.

In WordPress, there are few steps to make your blog to be private and not viewed by all the readers and search engines. It can be done through various steps. Let us see everything in detail:

Step 1: Discourage with search engines

I bought a domain name now what ?

Go to WP dashboard >>Setting >> Reading >> Click on “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

Step 2: If people know your site URL already then? So, In that case, we can use a plugin like “Private Only” to protect your site with password.

7.Creating an Online Store with Your Domain Name

I bought a domain name now what?

Having a domain name is having a opportunity to create your own customised (designed) e-commerce website to sell your own products online at a Global level.

An e-com website stands for Electronic Commerce which stands out as a platform for the customers to shop online and process their payment just like the top E-commerce websites :- Amazon, Flipkart, Club factory etc.

Having your own website with e-commerce functionality grants the customers to purchase your goods or service from anywhere all around the world and make payment digitally. 

You may now have a question in your mind that “what is more compelling about starting this new development and what will be the benefits in creating such an e-commerce website?”

Here, I explained with some of the benefits of an e-commerce website:

Easy and Convenient

Nowadays, e-commerce is becoming the favourite mode of shopping for the people as this is more convenient and easy to use, and people can buy their desired products at a reasonable price from just sitting in their home which saves their time.

It is more evident that the customers save much of their time through this online mode of shopping through e-commerce websites. 

Increase Customer’s Trust

With a trendy and updated e-commerce website, the customers serve more attention to your website and this, in turn, Increases their trust in buying a product or service from your website. 

To Sell Globally

When you have a store in a perticular area, it has its sales restricted to just a certain location or region.

You can make it a purchase platform worldwide. But with this e-commerce website, the whole world becomes your area of selling and in this way e-commerce website brek these boundaries and restrictions

As you may aware, now the digital world has an increased requirement for many e-commerce websites almost from the products of daily needs to high-maintenance products.

So, it is the best choice to start up an e-commerce website with the domain name you have and expand your business globally.

8. Publishing Content On your Website/Blog

I bought a domain name now what?

Are you still having that question in your mind “I bought a domain name, now what”? Here is the last and final step to use your Domain name in most profitable manner.

There’s no question in this that “Content Is King” we all know that and aware of it. Yes, it’s fact a website without quality content in it is nothing , it’s just nothing. There’s no doubt in that.

Content is the only way to reflect your credibility to your audience. A well written quality content on your website helps Search Engine to know what your website is all about and that helps to drive organic traffic to your website.

Now, let’s have a quick discussion on how important content is for a search engine ranking and driving organic traffic to your website.


The content you are publishing should provide the quaility to the audience they are looking for, the information regarding your website and it should communicate the goals of your website exactly the same way it is.

Any customer will visit your website with an intention to know about your products and services. And hence, having detailed information about your brand and services what they are looking for will increase in the sales and conversions of your company.


Keywords are the essential terms to find you online which describe your products and service in the best way.

The keywords you use should be unique for each page. These keywords can be highlighted throughout the content.

Content is a great way to help the search engines to have a connection between your website and the keywords that you are using.

Now it’s Your Turn To BANG ON!!

Among the endless possibilities for your domain to be used, here we have given few useful modes for those who come with a query “I bought a domain name now what?” in their mind.

Hope this article gives you a clear-cut clarification on some of the efficient ways to use your domain name and We hope you got the answer of your query “I bought a domain name now what?” and If you found this article useful than let us know in the comments section.

If you also have a creative way to use a domain then also let us know in the comments.

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